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Description of Nova Empire

Build up a Space Empire and establish control of the Galaxy!

Nova Empire is a multiplayer space game in which the aim is to build your empire and conquer the galaxy in epic space battles with other players worldwide! To achieve control of the galaxy, you will immerse yourself in action-packed space battles, define your space strategy, forge alliances among other players, and use a space base builder to develop your fortress. Find out why this is one of the most thrilling and exciting sci fi spaceship games!


Challenge other players worldwide in epic Interstellar Battles
Develop your strategy to establish space domination! Command space and conquer other commanders in one of the most engaging strategy games. Fight in intense PvP battles against hostile commander’s spaceships. Your skills as a commander will be tested vigorously in a battle for control of the galaxy!

Customize your fleets and build your Space Empire
Using a spaceship builder, you will customize your fleets and prepare them for space domination! Customize your fleet by unlocking unique weapons and armor and become the most powerful commander in the galaxy! Send your spaceships out to scan for enemy fleets or to battle and conquer. Unlock space frigates, drones, cruisers, and more spaceships!

Decide your strategy and conquer the galaxy
Design a space strategy capable of dominating enemy alliances and controlling the galaxy! Decide early on how to manage your resources (energy, minerals, crystals and alloy). Create a fleet strategy, whether you want to prepare for an all-out attack with dreadnoughts or an agile attack fleet of light cruisers, the decision is yours. Recruit admirals from your academy and guide your fleets to victory!

Develop your fortress using a space base builder
As a Commander, you are in charge of building up a space base from scratch! Construct your space empire by building energy plants, trading posts, and defense modules to protect from enemy attack! Strengthen your space empire by building research labs, naval academies and a ship design center! Upgrade and unlock new versions of your building to create the most powerful empire in the galaxy!

Create Alliances - Team up with other commanders
In this sci fi multiplayer space game you can forge alliances from across the galaxy. Control entire galaxy sectors and fight alongside teammates with a planned space strategy! Join legions and help your fellow commanders acquire weaponry, construct a space station, and acquire resources faster. Count on your fellow commanders to defend from outside attacks and to plan raids in other space battles.

Stunning HD Graphics
Enjoy perfectly detailed multiplayer strategy and stunning HD space battles! Incredibly visualized sci fi spaceships and fleets provide a cinematic in-game view of the galaxy! 3D visualization of interstellar battles never before seen on mobile! Watch your empire evolve from a small space station to a powerful force with incredible detail!

New Features & Special Events!
Your user experience is very important to us. Regular updates and new elements are waiting for you to take command of a star fleet! Nova Empire: Space Commander’s story evolves week by week filling your desire for new content! New events held regularly for you to dominate the galaxy solo or in an alliance.

Email us at support@gamebeartech.com

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Version history Nova Empire
New in Nova Empire 2.0.18
Bug fixes.
New in Nova Empire 2.0.15
Bug fixes.
New in Nova Empire 2.0.14
3rd-Year Anniversary Events! Look out for news on opening times soon!
New in Nova Empire 2.0.12
Bug fixes.
New in Nova Empire 2.0.11
Bug fixes.
New in Nova Empire 2.0.8
- New Features-Deep Space Simulation
- Upper limits of Alliance Construction HP has been adjusted
- Fixed some known bugs
New in Nova Empire 2.0.6
- Easter Events
- Various bug fixes and improvements
New in Nova Empire 2.0.2
1. New Kraken modules available
2. New offensive modules and Space Station modules
3. Nova Pass

Bug fixes
Improved stability
New in Nova Empire 1.10.0
1.New weapon——Vana Class Weapons
a.Arctic Cannon
b.Rage Laser
c.Desecrator Missile
d.Hellcat Drone
e.Irradiator Railgun
2.Unlock Resonant Core (4th station core)

Several bug fixes.
Improved game stability.
New in Nova Empire 1.8.13
New Features:
1. Alliance Mail can now send bookmarked coordinates.
2. Fleet and pirate strength is now indicated on the map by up to 5 stars.
3. Default system view (2D/3D) saveable in options.
4. New galaxy boss feature.

1. Improved fleet speed up interface.
2. Various bug fixes and user interface improvements.
New in Nova Empire 1.8.3
1. New monthly sign in rewards.
2. Added repair free speed up time.
3. Added new advanced modules: fleet leadership and Kraken.
4. Added some module-related achievements.
5. Various bug fixes.
New in Nova Empire 1.7.5
1. New event types added opening soon!
2. New Black Market items and Stellarium exchange tab.
3. Added "T3 Nifel-class" ship series for Elite Galaxies.
4. Improvements to Cores and Modules interfaces.
5. Galaxy War optimizations.
6. Other misc bug fixes and interface improvements.
New in Nova Empire 1.7.2
1. Completely new cores and modules system! Added Auxiliary Facility building. (Please review in-game news for further details.)
2. Added new admiral abilities.
3. Various bug fixes and user interface improvements.
New in Nova Empire 1.6.9
Bug fixes.
New in Nova Empire 1.6.6
1. Reduced Workshop ship unlock requirements and repair time.
2. Adjusted some Legion Missions' difficulty and rewards.
3. Improved some event interfaces.
4. Other bug fixes and improvements.
New in Nova Empire 1.5.9
1. Improved event interface.
2. Other small tweaks and bug fixes.
New in Nova Empire 1.5.3
Bug fixes.
New in Nova Empire 1.5.2
1. Galaxy War revamp. Look out for news on opening times soon!
2. Improved Universe Map
3. Multiple improvements and fixes
New in Nova Empire 1.5.1
1. Event start times improved: Kraken Fracture and Pirate Invasion start times will now rotate each week so players can enjoy these events at a more suitable time.
2. Inbox improvements.
3. Bug fixes and improvements.
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